FUSE filesystem that acts as pass through to another FS except it expands zip files like folders and allows direct transparent access to the contents.

Source: https://github.com/openscopeproject/ZipROFS


  • FUSE
  • fusepy


  • Read only
  • Nested zip files are not expanded, they are still just files

Example usage

To mount run ziprofs.py:

$ ./ziprofs.py ~/root ~/mount -o allowother,cachesize=2048

Example results:

$ tree root
├── folder
├── test.zip
└── text.txt

$ tree mount
├── folder
├── test.zip
│   ├── folder
│   │   ├── emptyfile
│   │   └── subfolder
│   │       └── file.txt
│   ├── script.sh
│   └── text.txt
└── text.txt

You can later unmount it using:

$ fusermount -u ~/mount


$ umount ~/mount

Full help:

$ ./ziprofs.py -h
usage: ziprofs.py [-h] [-o options] [root] [mountpoint]

ZipROFS read only transparent zip filesystem.

positional arguments:
  root        filesystem root (default: None)
  mountpoint  filesystem mount point (default: None)

optional arguments:
  -h, --help  show this help message and exit
  -o options  comma separated list of options: foreground, debug, allowother, async, cachesize=N (default: {})

foreground and allowother options are passed to FUSE directly.

debug option is used to print all syscall details to stdout.

By default ZipROFS disables async reads to improve performance since async syscalls can be reordered in fuse which heavily impacts read speeds. If async reads are preferable, pass async option on mount.

cachesize option determines in memory zipfile cache size, defaults to 1000